Performance Training Introduction

8 Sessions for only $75

This offer is available for purchase to first time middle and hight school Performance Training guests during the month of September.

These sessions include individualized, sports specific training. Our expert trainers will build a program specifically designed to meet each athlete where they are and improve strength, speed and overall athleticism!

There is a six person cap on each class to allow for individualized training.

Classes: Monday – Thursday: 4:30 and 5:30

*Sessions expire 30 days after purchase date.*

Call or sign up online to reserve your spot today!


Who can sign up?
Middle and high school students who are looking to improve performance, either in a particular sport or just general strength, speed and athleticism! Each athlete will have an individualized program that will focus on their specific needs and wants.
When do I need to sign up by?
This intro offer is available to purchase in the month of September and the 8 lessons will need to be used in the 30 days following.
What happens after my 30 days are up?
Our Performance Training program runs year round! This is our year round schedule, more sessions can be purchased online or at our facility.
What is the regular pricing?

Standard pricing for Performance Training:
8 sessions (or 2 classes a week) – $112 ($37 savings with his promotional deal!)
12 sessions (or 3 classes a week) – $132/month
Unlimited sessions – $157/month

Go the extra mile

Less than $10/session!
Limited time only